Where and How We Click

We can watch people move smoothly through wiki but find it difficult to do the same ourselves. This is because what you do with a mouse, and where, makes a difference.

# Hover

Hover over a link to see where wiki will look.

Hover over a title flag to see where its from.

Hover over a Journal action to see when.

Shift-hover over a Journal action to see what changed.

Shift-hover over an item to see what actions apply.

# Click

Click a title flag to start over at welcome.

Click a link to replace following pages with a new one.

Shift-click a link to add a page to the lineup.

Click an action to open that version of a page.

Shift-double-click a Map to add a marker.

Click the footer neighbor flag to open its welcome page.

Click the footer lock to login or out.

Click the footer "wiki" to enable or disable editing.

Click the page margin to close the text editor.

# Drag

Drag an item to move it with or between pages.

Shift-drag an item to copy it between pages. ??

Drag a title flag to a new tab to view it there.

Drag the space after a title to change the lineup.

# Type

Type left and right arrow to scroll the lineup.

Type cmd-i to open About pages from the text editor.

Type esc to save and close the text editor.


Note: many plugins interpret these commands in unique ways. Often these display with a border and the usual meaning apply when pointing there. See the About pages for special commands.