Ward Cunningham

I like to screen share with an author new to wiki to just talk through how clicks work. I will often meet again a week later when a whole new class of questions surface mostly talking about community.

Pete Forsyth recommended that we try writing together in a "Dojo" style he has seen work for Wikipedia. post

YOUTUBE YALq7uTCF5c published July 6, 2016.

We think this might work as a group screen sharing during the pandemic and maybe well beyond. We offer this collection of sites as a meeting place between calls.

I am participating with my own personal dojo specific site where I expect to reflect on bumps in the learning process.

I expect to learn a lot by participating in this structured cooperation. When I've coached new users one-on-one I am more incline to slip past quirks in order to get the most done. Here I will take more time to reflect on the specific dojo roles and the ways wiki itself might improve.